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What We Do

As a software company, eSpec is focused on creating great, simple-to-use online software applications. eSpec currently services the inspection software industry, and our applications are primarily geared to support that effort. We believe that all safety inspections should be treated as a priority, and be as simple as possible to perform.


All of our software applications are web-based. Meaning they are available anywhere you have an internet connection. Nothing to download. Simple.


Our software instantly increases your inspection productivity and ensures each inspection adheres to your local and federal compliance regulations.


You’ve made a huge investment in your assets, our inspection software helps you ensure that it is protected. eSpec Software has your back.

Who We Are

eSpec Software is a software company with global scope, but a local focus. Our goal is to impact the safety and compliance industries in significant ways while helping to improve the communities that are gracious enough to host us. eSpec is located in the greater Detroit area and as such do our best to positively impact our local community while creating the best inspection software in the global industry.

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Featured Software

Fuel Proof Logo

The most advanced fuel system inspection software ever developed. eSpec created Fuel Proof with the intent of making compliant inspections a breeze for all owners and inspectors in the fuel industry. From large commercial-scale inspection sites to small retail fuel locations, Fuel Proof helps to protect your investments!

Patent No.: US 10,740,696 B2