About eSpec Software

It's not about an individual, but a team.

The eSpec Story

eSpec Software was formed with the specific intent to develop inspection software for the fuel industry. The creators of eSpec looked at inspections as not just a Federal or State mandate but a way to protect the assets of owners and the environment we all share. We knew we would need a way to guarantee the inspections were being done where and when they were supposed to but also by whom. Costs per inspection for this mandated activity are born solely by the owners of these systems so efficiency was a top priority.

In early 2012 the first version of the software was created and extensively field-tested on hundreds of inspections. Patent# 10,740,696 B2. The feedback from these early inspections allowed us to make numerous changes and additions to get more functionality, reliability, and productivity. We called our software Fuel Proof.

Fast forward to 2018 and the software of today has features unavailable on any other platform is incredibly reliable and best of all has been tested by inspectors in real-life conditions on thousands of inspections. Productivity has increased from the first paper and pencil inspections by about 300% for our current version.

Future versions of our software will use Augmented Reality to increase inspection functionality and productivity. The value of software is its ease of use, Time savings, and accuracy. eSpec does all three better than any other software or process. We simply connect, inspect and protect. Your assets and the environment are safer with eSpec.

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Casey Smith

Founder and Visionary

Bahar Zoghi

Software Engineer

Brian Miner


Davis Smith

Technical Content QA/QC

Kasandra Fry

Multimedia Developer