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At eSpec Software we are passionate about creating the best possible software applications available for our clients. We design, code, and plan everything meticulously in order to achieve the best possible results. eSpec always puts customer feedback first, this is at the heart of everything we do. A good portion of our application’s DNA comes from customer feedback. We are not just another software company that simply adds the features we want, and ignore our customer’s needs; instead, we believe that the best user experiences come from user feedback. Our mission is to not just create great software but to do our part to keep people safe. Everything we do is with that mission in mind. All of our software is beta-tested using real-world companies, like Phoenix Environmental, to ensure a great product every time.

Patent No.: US 10,740,696 B2

Fuel Proof is a cutting-edge dynamic web application developed specifically for the fuel industry. For owners of any fuel dispenser/tank system, this software empowers its users to perform accurate and compliant system inspections. Owners are better prepared to handle system failures and plan better system maintenance. Fuel Proof works on all mobile devices taking the uncertainty out of fuel system inspections. If you are looking for a better solution to your inspection software needs, look no further!
SafeT1st is the safety training platform of the future! We created SafeT1st to cater to companies and their ever-changing safety training needs. Every class is an immersive interactive experience that ensures each and every employee trained, walks away retaining the information. Not only this, but SafeT1st is the first location-specific platform. Trainees see images of their specific location during training. We are proud of our new approach to learning and will be continuing to roll out new classes at a rapid pace!

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